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Nouba is committed to the hospitality industry. We understand the challenges. We see the opportunities.


It all comes down to experience. Consumer experience is quickly becoming a differentiator when measuring the value hotels provide, whether to leisure or business guests. Core attributes such as accessibility, support, quality, presentation and personalized care are key drivers of occupancy rates and revPAR.


Experience matters.


The hospitality industry needs flexibility in its’ staffing needs. Reinforce waiting staff for the breakfast shift, or complement hotel staff when hosting large corporate events. Nouba can help.


Hotels need reactivity. Being able to provide well-dressed, well-trained and qualified staff that can be put to work immediately. Nouba can provide the solution.


Hotels need reliability. Nouba believes that creating consistency drives long-term brand loyalty. We strive to offer absolutely impeccable service, and achieve a perfect job at delivering what we have promised.


For more information, please contact us at info@nouba.hu.