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who we are

the founders

Nouba is an event staffing firm.


We provide premium host and hostesses for corporate events, promotional sales campaigns, and the hospitality industry. We also provide office receptionists, either for permanent placement, or to address a temporary need.


Nice to meet you.


Our motivation to launch Nouba came from a simple observation. We had the fundamental belief that there was a significant margin to improve the quality of service in today’s event staffing landscape. We wanted to rise to that challenge.


At Nouba, we understand the efforts that companies and organizations endure to communicate of about their products, to forge a brand identity and to increase awareness with consumers.


Although there are many ways to achieve these targets, in essence it all comes down to connecting people. Events, conferences, exhibitions, music festivals, sporting events, promotional campaigns, street marketing, and product demonstrations are all means of communicating a core set of values to a targeted audience.


Nouba wants to contribute to your success.


Our role is to make sure that our host & hostess solutions reinforce your brand. To make sure that our teams possess the skill set you require. To make sure that working with us is simple, effective and cost-efficient. At Nouba, we do one thing, and we do it well.


Further information about Nouba can be found on our statutory page.